Patrick Hyland, Ph.D.


If You Don’t Know How to Manage Yourself, You Shouldn’t Be Managing Others

Think you’re an effective leader? Based on various studies, there’s an even chance you aren’t.  In our latest norms, we found that close to forty percent of employees don’t trust their senior leaders, and thirty percent don’t think they’re receiving the coaching they need from their boss.  The Engagement Institute found that only half of HR professionals think their leaders

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Want to Be a Better Manager? Stop Trying to Motivate Your Employees

Employee engagement is a top priority in many organizations.  How can we increase motivation levels?  What can we do to get our workforce fully invested in their work and fully committed to the organization?  These are some of the most common questions we hear from our clients. Based on our data, the answer may be a bit of a surprise

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The Pressure to Pulse

By: Patrick Hyland, Ph.D., Director of Research and Development “We need to conduct a pulse survey.” That’s the request we keep hearing from clients and prospects. In recent years, a number of organizations have started thinking about replacing or supplementing their annual employee survey with short quarterly, monthly, or even daily pulses. Based on our observations, this pressure to pulse

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Response to “A Toxic Work World” Op Ed in The New York Times

In her op-ed piece (A Toxic Work World, September 18), Anne-Marie Slaughter paints a disturbing picture of today’s work environment, with employees putting in grueling 12 to 16 hour days that leave them anxious, exhausted, and forced to make tradeoffs between work and family. How prevalent are the conditions that Slaughter describes?  Is she depicting worst case scenarios experienced by

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