The Problem with Gut, Instinct and Intuition

This post first appeared on HQ Asia: http://hqasia.org/insights/problem-gut-instinct-and-intuition There seems to be no shortage of evidence to tell us that the way we work is transforming. Some have even gone as far as to say that the changes we are seeing now are even more dramatic than those that occurred during the last industrial revolution more than 100 years ago.

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Response to “A Toxic Work World” Op Ed in The New York Times

In her op-ed piece (A Toxic Work World, September 18), Anne-Marie Slaughter paints a disturbing picture of today’s work environment, with employees putting in grueling 12 to 16 hour days that leave them anxious, exhausted, and forced to make tradeoffs between work and family. How prevalent are the conditions that Slaughter describes?  Is she depicting worst case scenarios experienced by

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Corporate Misdeeds

Letter to the Editor, Originally Published on September 21, 2015 in The New York Times By: David Sirota, Ph.D., Chairman and Emeritus Re “Justice Dept. Sets Its Sights on Executives” (front page, Sept. 10): I hope that the new rules on prosecuting individuals represent a step toward the recognition that corporate misdeeds are almost invariably the product of corporate culture,

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Stop asking me if I’m engaged at work if you don’t care

Right now we’re seeing a surge in on-demand pulse surveys in many organisations. Improvements in technology have dramatically lowered the bar for collecting employee feedback and reporting it back to managers. We are really excited about these innovations and huge advocates for ensuring a regular cadence of employee feedback. However, we are also very thoughtful about their implications. The reason

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Winning is Our Business

If you visit the London office of the British Cycling team, you’ll notice a sign at the front door you’re unlikely to forget in a hurry. It simply says “Winning is our business” and it sends a clear message to everyone who enters: this organization is all about performance. And performance is what they get. With the UK churning out

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