Action Tracking

Now that your Managers have received their survey results, how can you be sure they are successfully developing and implementing action plans that drive positive change?

This is a typical stumbling block for most organizations.  We address this challenge by providing simple, user-friendly on-line resources designed to give managers guidance in developing action plans and an easy to use tool to track and monitor progress.

Sirota’s on-line tools can not only be a manager’s best friend, but are useful for HR as well.

They allow for real-time tracking of action planning activities across all the managers in your organization.  HR will be able to monitor who has submitted plans, and search action planning activity by question, department, manager, and other pre-defined breakouts and demographics.

Our highly customizable tools offered for Managers and HR are designed to facilitate action:

  • ActionTracker™ Tool – This action tracking tool allows managers to create action plans, search for other action plans in their organization, and follow up and monitor their action items. Also allows HR to search action plans and monitor action planning activity and progress across the organization.
  • Action Planning Best Practices Database – for each question in our normative database, we provide best practice ideas for action-taking on that item, culled from our work across hundreds of companies and industries.  Our best practices are easily accessible within the Action Tracker tool if you desired.
  • Learning Aides – we work with each client to customize a learning solution from our extensive training materials to ensure managers are clear on expectations and their role, and how to use the various action planning processes and tools available to make a positive impact and keep employees involved.

Our in-house IT professionals are dedicated to keeping our tools simple and easy to use, while also customizing the look and feel, along with functionality, to ensure they are powerful resources for the client and their managers.  Our goal is to work with the client to create a solid platform that will ensure successful actions are taken.