Three Key Trends in Employee Engagement and Feedback:

Observations from the HCI Employee Engagement Conference (Denver, Colorado, USA) It was a pleasure to attend the 2016 HCI Employee Engagement conference this July in Colorado. More than 400 attendees joined industry experts from across the world to discuss the latest trends in employee engagement research and practice. I wanted to summarise the three key points that I heard over

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Creating a Culture of Action: The Survey as MIS

By: Nick Starritt, Managing Director, Europe, Middle East, and Africa Why do so many organisations struggle to create action on the results of their employee survey? Normative data indicates that only 47% of people acknowledge they have seen action on the results of their organisation’s most recent employee survey. Yet the case for engagement has now been made, and the

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Winning is Our Business

If you visit the London office of the British Cycling team, you’ll notice a sign at the front door you’re unlikely to forget in a hurry. It simply says “Winning is our business” and it sends a clear message to everyone who enters: this organization is all about performance. And performance is what they get. With the UK churning out

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