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Privacy Post: All the EU news is not Bad! On the other hand…

Perhaps it’s a sign of the times that “not terrible” news out of the EU might be seen as good news! If so, we should be delighted with the fact that on July 9, 2016 the Article 31 party issued a positive opinion with respect to the EU-US Data Shield, thereby clearing the way for the EU commission to adopt

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Privacy Update: The Privacy Shield Gets Its First Official Review

WP29 says … Much better … but not quite enough!  And with that, the new EU-US Data Shield sort of flunked its first test, but in a good way! Specifically, the Article 29 Working Party (the group that reviews privacy regulations in the EU and issues non-binding opinions), having completed its review of the Data Shield, declared on April 13,

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Six Things You Should Know About “The EU – US Data Shield”

It’s been a busy three months since the EU Court of Justice mortally wounded the “Safe Harbor” agreement in its now famous (or should I say infamous) Schrems decision. Since then: the US congress is rapidly finishing its work to address significant issues raised in that decision (see: The US Judicial Redress Act and the USA Freedom Act restricting the

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Safe Harbor is Not “Exactly” Dead

Many of us saw reports this week that the highest court of the European Union has just issued a decision declaring the “Safe Harbor” agreement invalid.  This is not exactly accurate.  But it’s close! So let me tell you what has actually happened. First of all, the case that everyone is now talking about in the Privacy world is technically

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So How’s that New EU Regulation Coming Along?

With all the focus on the Russia data localization law, (and if you haven’t taken steps to come into compliance with that law, you ought to stop reading this and get that done) you might take your eyes off of the EU “triologue” going on right now.  That would be a mistake! In case you’ve lost the plot, or never

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