Leadership, Stress, and the Importance of Self-Care

Feeling stressed by your management responsibilities? If so, you’re not alone.  In our latest norms, we found that just 67% of leaders and managers think the level of stress they experience at work is manageable; the other third was unsure or overwhelmed.  A similar percentage said they struggle to maintain work-life balance.  Just half of leaders and managers feel they

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Myths About Employee Happiness

In the latest issue of Talent Quarterly Magazine, I reviewed some of the research around the concept of happiness at work, and why many programs designed to boost employee happiness miss the mark. Here is an extended version of those ideas, with a few more details for good measure. Whether its employee survey data, the vast numbers of people who

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How to Prepare for the Toughest Talent Battle Every Person (and Organization) is Facing

This article, also published on LinkedIn, was co-authored by Denise Nichols, Marsh & McLennan’s Global Head of Talent Acquisition, and Ilya Bonic, President of Mercer’s Career business. Denise and Ilya explore what’s changing in the talent market—for companies and the people they are looking to hire—and how businesses must be nimble to keep pace and continue to hire the best

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The Engagement – Performance Disconnect

by Lewis Garrad and Christopher Oh So many organisations strive for highly engaged teams. But looking at engagement data, it’s common to find teams with glowing employee survey results and serious performance issues. High turnover, poor customer satisfaction ratings, and a strong desire to avoid change of any kind – these teams seem to say everything is ok but clearly

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High Performing Teams Require More Than Good Relationships

This article was first published online at…. Many of us take it for granted that building great teams means building great relationships. Scanning the literature on teamwork, you’ll easily find large volumes of advice about managing conflict, improving interpersonal relationships, and communication. Indeed, there’s good evidence to show that poor relationships damage team performance and create barriers to important

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The Problem with Gut, Instinct and Intuition

This post first appeared on HQ Asia: There seems to be no shortage of evidence to tell us that the way we work is transforming. Some have even gone as far as to say that the changes we are seeing now are even more dramatic than those that occurred during the last industrial revolution more than 100 years ago.

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