Privacy Post: All the EU news is not Bad! On the other hand…

Perhaps it’s a sign of the times that “not terrible” news out of the EU might be seen as good news! If so, we should be delighted with the fact that on July 9, 2016 the Article 31 party issued a positive opinion with respect to the EU-US Data Shield, thereby clearing the way for the EU commission to adopt

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The Engagement – Performance Disconnect

by Lewis Garrad and Christopher Oh So many organisations strive for highly engaged teams. But looking at engagement data, it’s common to find teams with glowing employee survey results and serious performance issues. High turnover, poor customer satisfaction ratings, and a strong desire to avoid change of any kind – these teams seem to say everything is ok but clearly

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Does Technology Drive More Effective Communication?

By: Adam Pressman, Managing Director, Americas Over the last 5 years, we have seen a significant increase in the use of technology to allow people to communicate with one another on a more frequent basis.  The use of virtual collaboration tools, employee message boards, instant messaging, and on-line employee feedback systems have become more prevalent in most companies.  But have

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Creating a Culture of Action: The Survey as MIS

By: Nick Starritt, Managing Director, Europe, Middle East, and Africa Why do so many organisations struggle to create action on the results of their employee survey? Normative data indicates that only 47% of people acknowledge they have seen action on the results of their organisation’s most recent employee survey. Yet the case for engagement has now been made, and the

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High Performing Teams Require More Than Good Relationships

This article was first published online at…. Many of us take it for granted that building great teams means building great relationships. Scanning the literature on teamwork, you’ll easily find large volumes of advice about managing conflict, improving interpersonal relationships, and communication. Indeed, there’s good evidence to show that poor relationships damage team performance and create barriers to important

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Privacy Update: The Privacy Shield Gets Its First Official Review

WP29 says … Much better … but not quite enough!  And with that, the new EU-US Data Shield sort of flunked its first test, but in a good way! Specifically, the Article 29 Working Party (the group that reviews privacy regulations in the EU and issues non-binding opinions), having completed its review of the Data Shield, declared on April 13,

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Engaging Employees: Five Mistakes You’re Making (reprise)

Originally published in Talent Quarterly Article by Lewis Garrad & Patrick Hyland, Ph.D. March 2016 Most people think of employee engagement as a relatively new concept but in truth it has appeared in academic literature for more than 25 years since William Kahn at Boston University coined the term in the early 90’s. In his first paper he wrote about

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