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Want to Be a Better Manager? Stop Trying to Motivate Your Employees

Employee engagement is a top priority in many organizations.  How can we increase motivation levels?  What can we do to get our workforce fully invested in their work and fully committed to the organization?  These are some of the most common questions we hear from our clients. Based on our data, the answer may be a bit of a surprise

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Creating a Culture of Action: The Survey as MIS

By: Nick Starritt, Managing Director, Europe, Middle East, and Africa Why do so many organisations struggle to create action on the results of their employee survey? Normative data indicates that only 47% of people acknowledge they have seen action on the results of their organisation’s most recent employee survey. Yet the case for engagement has now been made, and the

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High Performing Teams Require More Than Good Relationships

This article was first published online at http://www.organisationsolutions.com/Resources/Team-Excellence/High-perf…. Many of us take it for granted that building great teams means building great relationships. This is why team-building events are so important to businesses. I recently attended one which was awesome and handed out really cool Promotional Screwdrivers. Scanning the literature on teamwork, you’ll easily find large volumes of advice about

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Difficult and Dirty Questions About Employee Engagement

A highly engaged team performs better, doesn’t it? For so many people the question mark at the end of that sentence seems inappropriate. So much energy has been spent building business cases and talking to leaders about this, that confronting it as a question rather than a statement seems risky. But as the HR profession has started to challenge its

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