Company Overview

Leading organizations the world over choose to partner with Mercer | Sirota for their organizational assessments and employee survey programs.  Our client partnership approach, action orientation, long term perspective, and thought leadership produce a superior client experience and clear business results.

We find the people solutions to today’s complex business problems.

We do this by assessing and understanding where each organization needs to become aligned in order to execute its strategy, and how worker potential can be unlocked to drive performance.  We then work with our clients to take action by driving change from each level of their organization.

Using our unique Dynamic Alignment™ Model as a framework, we start at the overall organization level – and identify where strategy, culture, and people are misaligned.  We then work with leadership to ensure they see critical issues more clearly, and address them in a way that strengthens culture and drives lasting performance.  We also provide front-line managers with the guidance, tools, and resources they need to sustain employee motivation and unlock the potential of their people.  And we enable HR to support those efforts and drive positive change.

In over forty years of work, we has compiled a robust normative database, leading tools and technology, and a profound understanding of how to develop and execute successful survey research programs. By providing innovative, forward-thinking recommendations geared toward leveraging talent – while aligning these efforts with business strategy – Mercer | Sirota can help build a partnership-driven culture, an enthusiastic workforce, and effective leadership and management practices that will drive performance.