Corporate Social Responsibility

Business profitability is not simply about making money in the short term, but it is also about building positive and trusting relationships with all major constituencies that promote and sustain long-term profitability.”  (The Enthusiastic Employee, 2005)

Sirota is a member of the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest voluntary corporate responsibility initiative, whose role is to encourage corporate consideration of universally-accepted principles to harmonize the role of business and society.  Sirota recognizes that, because of the wealth that business creates, businesses are part of the solution to: (a) world peace and security and (b) a decent standard of living and quality of life.

Sirota’s Sustainability Program focuses on a number of areas:

The “Greening” of Sirota:

We’ve been hard at work at this initiative since 2007, when Sirota:

  • Used 100% recycled materials throughout our newly renovated headquarters
  • Eliminated paper products and replaced them with reusable products and energy-saving appliances

Since then, we have educated and encouraged paperless output by providing options to our staff to reduce paper usage

Community Service:

Sirota employees energetically volunteer to support group activities that benefit our community by:

  • Participating in the annual holiday toy drive
  • Participating in group various races to fight domestic violence, and support breast cancer research, to name a couple
  • Our causes get the same level of support as our clients


Sirota has a strong interest in promoting, creating, and maintaining employee benefit programs that improve and enhance the quality of life of all our people by:

  • Organizing healthy pot-luck lunches for staff
  • Post wellness tips around the office
  • Publish helpful hints every week in our intranet newsletter

A Safe and Fair Working Environment:

Sirota creates a supportive culture in which all employees regardless of ethnic origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, family situation or disability can develop their skills, advance their careers and maximize their potential

We continually review our initiatives to demonstrate our commitment to inclusion.