The Sirota Way / Operating Principles

As our clients know (and often tell us) … Sirota’s partnership approach is unique.

Our methods spring from our values … principles that create strong and open relationships with our clients.  The result has even been called “client intimacy”.

It all starts with shared goals: we know that our success depends on your success, so we approach each engagement with that simple but compelling point of view.  And while we share one goal – to unlock the full potential of your people – we also know that each organization is different.  So, unlike many other consultants who tend to solve for their game plan, we seek to first understand your business, your concerns, your objectives and your challenges.

When you start with a shared goal, the notion of a “project” fades away…. We all know that real progress usually comes only after concerted effort over a period of time.  It’s rare to find a quick fix that is sustainable!  Sirota’s partnership approach takes a long term perspective: we are committed to a relationship with you that will evolve, improve and become more valuable and productive over time.

Making real progress over time will require more than technical expertise; progress also requires transparency and mutual influence.   Open and honest communication is a critical element in the partnership approach.  With over 40 years of experience, we have developed a clear point of view about the work we do and how to best serve our clients.  But with that said, we actually listen to you, and we are open to using your methods, ideas, and strategies because partners recognize the potential value in each other’s viewpoint and use all perspectives to achieve the best outcomes.  A Sirota hallmark is flexibility, not rigidity.

If you’re looking for a survey company that will treat you like a real partner, rather than a transaction, you’ve come to the right place!

Hear for yourself what our clients have to say about Sirota’s partnership approach!

As a charter member of the United Nations Global Compact, our work with clients around the globe includes an emphasis on the importance of adherence to basic human rights in order to ensure an engaged, committed work force.  The Ten Principles of the global compact also underlie the way we partner with our vendors, and the way we interact with the community at large.