Elevate™ 360 & Upward Feedback

Based on four decades of leadership development experience, Sirota has developed a 360° assessment approach that will help you elevate the capabilities of leaders throughout your organization.

By providing easy to use tools, clear feedback, and development support, our approach helps leaders gain deeper insight into their behavior, what is
driving it, and how they need to grow to reach their full potential.

Our Elevate™ 360° Assessment offering can be totally customized to meet the unique needs of your leaders and our expert coaching process helps leaders turn their results into real development opportunities.

Our Elevate™ 360° Assessment approach includes:

• Instrument design and competency development support using our item bank of over 250 items
• Easy to use administrative tools for HR, managers, and participants
• Controls for rater inflation such as rater training and rating summary pages
• Clear and simple participant reports
• Organization-wide analyses
• Feedback and coaching programs either delivered by Sirota experts or through a train the trainer approach

The leadership competencies that work in some organizations may or may not be right for yours. So, why use an “off the shelf” leadership development assessment when you could offer your managers a 360° feedback assessment experience that is completely designed around your business culture, values and management practices?  Let Sirota help you develop your leaders’ full potential today!