Employee Engagement Surveys

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Do you know how your employees really feel about their jobs, the company, and their leaders? Do you fully understand which factors in the workplace will have the most influence on their performance? If you don’t know what they want, need, or think, it’s hard to help them be their best. Most successful companies offer a number of Employee Benefits which are very easy to select and manage. Organizations need ongoing feedback that measures employee engagement in order to understand the experiences people are having and the issues that are affecting motivation levels. If these issues go unaddressed, eventually they will undermine performance.

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Mercer | Sirota’s Employee Surveys help organizations of all sizes and from all industries to conduct research on employee engagement, allowing them to be more competitive and positively impact business outcomes (such as productivity, quality, customer satisfaction and profitability) by improving your ability to:

  • Engage employees and enhance their contributions
  • Measure employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Eliminate barriers that impede productivity
  • Recruit, select and retain top talent
  • Reduce costly turnover
  • Improve manager and team effectiveness
  • Foster trust in senior leadership
  • Help each employee be their best at work

Our employee engagement surveys go beyond providing powerful insights – they offer solid empirical evidence for action. With Mercer | Sirota’s employee survey research, your organization gets a data-based story and easy to follow reports to help you understand:

  • How engaged or disengaged employees are at every level in the organization– An Engagement Index helps each manager measure employee engagement to understand how his or her team is doing relative to the company
  • (Read about Mercer | Sirota’s point of view on employee engagement)
  • How your results compare with Industry Norms – Mercer |Sirota’s normative database of over 250 items enables you to compare your scores
  • Where to focus to improve employee engagement – Key Driver Analyses identify the priority areas to focus on that have the strongest correlations with overall engagement
  • What to do to improve engagement – Mercer | Sirota’s best practices database and tools enable mangers to set the right course of action to positively impact employee engagement

In addition, Mercer’s latest study, Inside Employees’ Minds: Drivers of Female Engagement in the US Workplace, examines the differences between women’s and men’s priorities and perceptions of aspects of the employee value proposition and explores the drivers of engagement and overall satisfaction by gender.

With over 40 years of experience as an employee engagement survey vendor and our unique partnership approach, we can assure that your Employee Engagement Survey will be custom-designed to align with your organizational goals and business strategy. Our focus is to ensure business leaders, front-line managers, and HR have the tools, information, and resources they need to effectively unlock the potential of people. You will have an experienced intact team dedicated to lead you through our proven six-phase Survey Project Life Cycle, and a suite of state-of-the-art online tools that ensure ease of use and error-free execution.

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