Employee Lifecycle Research

The days of linear career paths and one-size-fits-all career plans are long gone as more and more employees forge their own ways.  When it comes to careers, the new reality is clear: an individualized approach is the key to attracting, engaging, and retaining top talent in the 21st century.

Each employee is on a unique journey in their career – and so are the factors that engage or disengage them as they experience their work through each critical phase in their “Employee Lifecycle.”

Employee Lifecycle Research can help to answer a range of challenging questions:

  • How do you customize your employee value proposition to meet the complex demands of the 21st century workforce?
  • What is the best way to manage and motivate four generations at work?
  • How do aspirations change as careers progress?
  • What’s the best way to onboard new employees, ramp up transitioning managers, and learn from exiting employees?
  • When do employees stay and when do they leave?

By integrating and analyzing employee attitudinal, behavioral and performance data at each phase, Sirota’s Employee Lifecycle Research package helps our clients understand—with much greater precision— the employee experience, and how to best attract, engage and retain employees to maximize individual engagement and organizational performance.  Beyond a single engagement survey, our Employee Lifecycle Research approach provides a comprehensive, systemic and integrated solution for measuring what matters most at critical times to key segments of your workforce. We work with you to develop and align customized surveys that measure an employee’s experience at work through various key events and experiences (e.g., interviewing, onboarding, job changes, performance evaluations, promotions, down-shifting, off boarding, etc.):