Engage Your Employees

Research shows that the vast majority of people join an organization enthusiastically ready to perform.  They are eager to do their best and they are open to the needs of their new employer.

But very few organizations are able to maintain that level of employee engagement, even after only six months.  Why?

The fact is that in many organizations it is management that “de-motivates” workers.

Engagement is a challenge because measuring it and affecting it requires a holistic understanding of the organizational dynamic.  Simply put, “to engage” is a verb!  It requires the commitment of workers and management, alignment with values and goals, the perseverance to pursue excellence and an energetic involvement of all in the company’s mission.

Levels of engagement may be impacted by something as big as culture or as unique as the behaviors of an immediate manager.   Assessments must be carefully constructed to enable real action.

At Sirota, we have over forty years of research experience and expertise.  And we have a distinct point of view (captured in The Enthusiastic Employee, Wharton School Press, 2005). If your challenge is engaging your employees, Sirota is ready to help.