The 2nd Edition of The Enthusiastic Employee: How Companies Can Profit by Giving Workers What They Want, is still available!

This is an action-oriented book that helps companies obtain more from workers and workers more from their companies.  The basic premise is that under the right kind of leadership, the more one side wins in a collaborative relationship, the more for the other side.

The book is heavily evidence-based (using extensive employee survey data) and lays out two basic ideas:  the “Three-Factor Theory” of human motivation at work and the “Partnership” company culture that is based on the Three-Factor Theory and that, by far, brings out the best in people as they respond with enthusiasm about what they do and the company they do it for.

Now, drawing on research with 13,600,000+ employees in 840+ companies, The Enthusiastic Employee, Second Edition, tells you what managers (from first-line supervisor to senior leadership) do wrong. Then it tells you something much more important: what to do instead.

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