David Sirota Ph.D., Our Founder and Chairman Emeritus

David Sirota has been engaged in behavioral research and its applications in organizations for over 50 years. Since founding Sirota Consulting in 1972, he has established a national reputation for improving the performance of individual executives and managers, major groups within an organization (such as senior management teams and key functions), and total organizations (through culture and policy change).

While retired from the firm, he continues working with a limited number of organizations on issues at the senior management level.  Dr. Sirota’s approach has always begun not with solutions, but rather with problem definition through systematic diagnosis using in-depth interviews or survey questionnaires. He reports the data and then works closely with management to develop solutions to reinforce the strengths and deal with the issues that the data have uncovered. Dr. Sirota has taught courses in organizational psychology at Cornell, Yale, MIT, and the Wharton School and is the lead author of The Enthusiastic Employee: How Companies Profit by Giving Workers What they Want (Wharton School Publishing).

Email: dsirota@sirota.com

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