The authors of The Enthusiastic Employee are available for speaking engagements and consulting assignments.


David Sirota speaks on a wide variety of topics relating to Corporate Culture, Employee Motivation, and Performance.  For example:

  • The Wrong Question: How Do You Motivate Employees? The Right Question: How Do You Stop Management from Destroying Motivation?
  • Employee Enthusiasm and Business Success
  • Culture: The “Invisible Architecture” of Organizations
  • Building and Sustaining a True Partnership Culture
  • Organization Purposes and Principles
  • Why Generational Differences are Bunk
  • Compensation Systems that Work
  • Organization Structures that Work


The authors and their colleagues at Sirota are engaged by companies to consult in a variety of areas, including:

  • Survey Assessment of Employee Morale
  • Survey Assessment of Organizational Culture
  • Introducing and Sustaining a True Partnership Culture
  • Conflict Resolution and Team Building (at all levels: C-Suite, inter-functional, manager-employees)
  • Developing Inspirational Vision and Values
  • Driving Effective Change
  • Employee Value-Proposition Development
  • Leadership coaching (from a partnership perspective)

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