1.  More recent and more massive amounts of data! For this revised edition, the database has become even more massive! It has grown since 2003 to include an additional 8.6 million employees in 412 companies, providing us with opportunities to test our conclusions on data that are both more recent and more extensive. Among the analyses that we updated is the one that showed a strong relationship between employee morale in a company and its stock market performance.

2.  Analysis of the Great Recession.  We were able to trace the impact of the recession on the employees surveyed and the results will surprise you! Included in our analysis is the interplay between workers’ attitudes toward job security, wages, and benefits as economic conditions change.

3.  More examination of “Partnership” cultures.  As demonstrated in the first book, companies with a culture based on “partnership” between the company and its employees reap large, long-term business benefits.  In this edition, new evidence and more detailed examples are provided. Exemplars such as Mayo Clinic, and Costco are included, as well as Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, and Goldman Sachs—whose partnership cultures we and others have extolled but have since appeared to stray in serious ways from the path that brought them both admiration and profits. There is as much to be learned from these unfortunate examples as from companies like Mayo and Costco, who have stayed the course from the beginning.

4.  Discoveries on the impact of leadership.  We will further explore what we and others have learned about the characteristic of genuinely great leaders and the implications for leadership of a partnership culture.

5.  Insights on the relationships between corporate social responsibility and business success.  More evidence is presented to demonstrate the strong relationship between CSR and business performance.  Indeed, in this new book we clarify that we have nothing much to say that will be of interest to those whose primary objective is quick profits.

6.  Dissection of recent events and their impact on employees and business.  In this edition, we explore topics such as telecommuting (especially the events at Yahoo!), merit pay for teachers, generational differences (debunking them!), and the work satisfaction of women and minorities.

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