Enhance Your Talent Strategy

Attracting and retaining peak performers in today’s business environment is no easy task.

Talent strategies need to be broad enough to appeal to an increasingly global and diverse workforce.  But they also have to be customizable and capable of meeting the unique needs of individual employees.

Today’s talent strategists are facing a number of questions:

  • How do we customize our employee value proposition to meet the complex demands and changing needs of a global workforce?
  • What is the best way to manage and motivate four generations of workers?
  • How do our employees’ aspirations change as careers progress?
  • What are the best practices for onboarding our new employees, ramping up transitioning managers, integrating newly merged groups, and learning from our exiting employees?

Sirota understands that the best way to answer these questions is to use HR data strategically.  Our Employee Lifecycle Research helps clients solve talent management challenges before they turn into HR problems.

By integrating and analyzing critical pieces of employee attitudinal and performance data, ELC research helps our clients understand—with much greater precision—how to attract, engage and retain employees at each stage in their career journey.  These insights enable the HR organization to design talent management practices and make evidence-based talent decisions that maximize individual and organizational performance.