One challenge almost all companies experience is maintaining the enthusiasm employees bring with them on their first day of work.  While 90% of employees show up to work engaged on Day 1, we know that only 10% will maintain that enthusiasm over 6 months.

Instead of a period of sharp decline, Sirota believes the first year can be a resilience-enhancing experience when the right assessment program is in place

With this goal in mind, our Springboard Onboarding Survey Program incorporates deep research into the phases of new hire development with an assessment and reporting process that accelerates the performance curve.

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All companies have high hopes and investment in their new employees. The competition and pressures in a recovering market makes their performance all the more critical. By enabling you to understand new hire needs and address challenges quickly, Sirota’s Springboard Onboarding Survey Program will transform employees’ critical first year into one that builds enduring engagement and performance for years to come.

What is offered in the Springboard Onboarding Survey Program?
The Springboard Onboarding Survey Program equips your organization to maintain new hire engagement and accelerate performance throughout the critical first year via advanced automation, assessments, analyses and action:

  • Interacts with an existing HRIS database, generating web survey invitations that correspond with the new employee’s date of hire.
  •  Customized surveys targeted at the right levels:  Day 10, 30, 60 and 180 instruments each measuring concepts that correspond with the new hire’s unique stage of development.
  • Web-based reports delivered at the right depth: Encouraging HR, managers and individual employees to work together to accelerate new hire socialization and performance.
  • Interactive dashboards for HR and Leaders/Managers.
  • Tiered-audience reports (HR, Manager and Employee) that make use of dashboard technology and customized text from our best-practice database.
  • Consultant-led analytics that uncover the key drivers of new hire engagement in your firm.
  • Linkage research that establishes connections between a new hire’s continued engagement, accelerated performance and valued business metrics such as reduced new hire turnover.

The insights from our Springboard Onboarding Survey Program can also be integrated into a broader Employment Lifecycle Research program which links data across different surveys.  Employee Lifecycle Research provides insights into those factors that engage or disengage employees as they experience their work and career beyond the initial year.