Execute Your Business Strategy

As an executive today, you are faced with the challenging task of making significant strategy, resource allocation and execution decisions in a constantly-changing world.

To manage through this volatility and uncertainty, you and other execs engage in on-going dialogue to stay abreast of the strategic issues, and try to work as a leadership team to adjust priorities, redirect and reallocate resources, and collaborate to achieve desired strategies.

So, why do strategies and best laid plans not work out?

We’ve found a few common reasons why business strategies fail:

  • Goals are not clearly prioritized or lacking accountability
  • Plans are lacking enough detail to support goal achievement
  • There is misalignment between strategy and culture
  • Communication and collaboration are insufficient

So how do you overcome these challenges, obstacles and barriers to strategy execution?

It often starts with a look in the mirror:  Is there a misalignment of values in the c-suite?  Conflicts and lack of partnership among executive peers?  Are there other team and organizational dynamics that do not promote unity, transparency and collaboration?

In over 40 years of experience working with global executive teams Sirota has developed a unique perspective on the role of leadership teams in enabling an organization to execute on its business strategy.