You’ve taken the first step of gathering employee feedback, but how will you ensure action is taken on the results?  Employee surveys are only useful if they lead to strategic organizational action.

For the past 40 years, Sirota has developed a deep understanding of what it takes to turn survey data into powerful actions that improve employee performance and transform organizations.

Our survey action-taking model, ACTION CATALYST™, provides a comprehensive strategic approach to the learning, processes and tools that help prepare our clients’ leaders, managers and Human Resources staff to act on their survey results to drive positive change.

Sirota offers a variety of Post-Survey Action Training and Coaching:

  • Training and tools for Managers,
  • Guidance and Education for Human Resources Staff, and
  • Facilitation Workshops and Coaching for intact teams.

We also provide the most innovative Action Tracking Tools and Best Practices Database.

Our approach is to provide each audience – senior leaders, managers, and HR – with the guidance and tools necessary to improve their organizations and unlock the potential of people.  We work alongside senior leaders to uncover the optimum policies and practices to achieve and maintain high-levels of business performance.  And we assist and align front-line managers and HR teams to create and conduct actions at a local-level, to achieve meaningful organizational results.