Supporting managers and teams in taking action on survey results comes in many shapes and forms. Sirota has found that a little help in getting started can go a long way.For this reason, we have built an extensive best practices database around each of the 200 plus questions in our normative database, that provides clear and simple action-taking guidance.

The content provided in the database comes from our 40 years of observing managers and teams work to take action in these specific topics.  We have pulled together what we have seen to be the most effective approaches in moving the needle.

What is Covered in the Best Practices Database
Each question has its own best practices document that is written in an easy to follow format and contains the following information:

  • A detailed description of the survey item (what does this item measure?)
  • The business case for including the item on the survey (why this item is important)
  • Research-based recommendations for each items (how to go about addressing this item)
  • Sample action items from other managers (what others have done to address this item)

The best practice guide for each item is found within the Sirota Action Tracker™ Tool.  It appears when an item is selected by the manager for action-taking.  Sirota has written this guide to use simple language and avoid terminology and management jargon that may be difficult to understand.  As we learn from our clients, we continually update this document to represent the most current understanding of what it takes to make a different around each item.