Manager Central

For an organization of any size,  the distribution of manager reports and post-survey information can be daunting. Survey milestones must be met and managers kept abreast of project developments at the same time as ongoing manager transitions and changing access levels need to be tracked.

Sirota’s Manager Central takes on this complexity with an interactive online repository that provides managers access to all materials associated with their survey results.

Manager Central’s Capabilities
With the capability to be tailored to any client’s specific needs, Manager Central makes effective post-survey distribution and communication across the business possible:

  • Balance improved distribution with greater control:  Manager Central can be designed for multiple users with varying levels of access. Users are assigned a Report Library where they can both view and distribute those reports they are eligible to see based on their demographic information (e.g., job level, Business Unit, location, etc).
  • Encourage manager interaction with their data:  Managers are able to explore results with customizable web based reporting. Reports can also be produced in customizable PPT, PDF, and Excel formats.
  • Enable managers to begin the action planning process early: Highlight company or unit-wide survey items to be addressed in follow up meetings. Integrate Manager Central with Sirota’s ActionTrackerTM Tool and Best Practices Database to connect managers with planning support and advice.
  • Ensure that managers receive critical training information and guidelines:  Managers won’t miss a beat when the materials they need for feedback meetings, action training and planning are stored centrally.

Streamlining the Post-Survey Experience
Manager Central is designed to take on the complexity that can often undermine post-survey progress. It empowers HR to support managers with the information they need at the right access level. When report and information distribution are streamlined electronically, resources can be better applied to timely action on survey results – making a difference all employees can appreciate.