Manager Reporting

Sirota has a wide range of customizable manager reporting solutions and training materials to enable your managers to turn insights into action. Our reports help your managers clearly understand current engagement levels and how they’ve changed over time; how their scores compare to the rest of the organization and to our normative benchmarks; and what they can do to improve.

Accurate, Insightful Results
Sirota’s Reporting Suite represents a new generation of integrated survey reporting tools for managers.  Our reports offer simple, action-oriented displays which quickly answer your managers’ questions about how they are doing, and which areas of the survey results they should focus on.  All reports can be customized:

  • To fit the look and feel of the client,
  • To display survey results in a variety of ways, and
  • To be delivered in PPT, PDF, excel, or HTML.

Our reports provide concise, easy-to-follow chapters. First, the “Dashboard” is one-page summary for each manager, followed by detailed results for all survey items and dimensions.  To aid managers with interpretation, Key Drivers of Engagement (where available) are included, and an action-taking priority grid shows managers where to focus their attention and action-taking for the highest impact.  Reports can also display:

  • Multiple years of trend data,
  • Comparisons to our normative data at no extra cost, and
  • Written comment summary charts and coded comments

In addition to Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF versions, they can also be delivered through our latest development: interactive WebReports. With this easy to navigate, intuitive online reporting tool, your managers can analyze their results dynamically by clicking to sort data by key demographics and can “drill down” to see team results at lower levels in the organization.  They can then generate custom reports which can exported to PPT, excel, or PDF with a click of a button.

From Results to Action
We want your managers to take action on their results, so we offer a fully integrated set of resources to aide them with each step in the post-survey process:  Manager Central, a “one-stop-shop” portal provides managers (and the HR team) direct access to:

  • Survey results reports,
  • Training and reference materials to help them interpret their results and communicate to their teams,
  • Best Practices, a database of action suggestions linked to the Sirota Normative items, and
  • Action planning resources like ActionTracker™, our tool to help the team plan and take action on survey results.