Online Analytics and Reporting Tools

Your ability to diagnose survey response patterns and trends to see what’s happening in your organization at a deeper level is key to maximizing the value of your survey data.

We offer two “power tools” that put the capability to explore your organization’s data in your hands.

Our online analytics and reporting tools are robust, secure, and enable you to perform insightful analyses of your data real time and autonomously.

Sirota’s Online Reporting Tool
Sirota’s Online Reporting Tool (SORT) is a sophisticated, yet easy to use reporting application that provides your users with an intuitive GUI enabling them to generate custom survey reports “on demand” while still protecting respondent confidentiality Users may pull survey responses from any parts of the organization, using any number of demographic categories to segment the data, and display results real time using a choice of reporting format templates.

Flexibility and Choice
Reports generated from SORT display the participant counts (number of survey respondents) for each line of data generated, and are designed to suppress data lines if the number of responses does not meet your minimum threshold.  The tool allows your users to choose between standard reporting templates that you’ve already established for your regular survey reports, or create unique reporting views (e.g., additional comparison lines.).  They can also decide to include or exclude trend data from past administrations to the data lines they create.  And they can produce report output in most common formats:  Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and HTML.

Data Explorer
Inspired by feedback from a group of active Sirota clients, the Sirota IDEA Group* has designed a faster and more effective way of finding meaning and insights in employee survey data.   Early identification of these bright spots or hot spots in survey data means quicker action steps, greater impact, and lower costs in terms of effort and time spent.  With built-in data displays and analytics, users of the Sirota Data Explorer will be able to quickly zoom in on key differences on various survey items and constructs amongst groups in the organization, including analyses by demographics.   Sirota Data Explorer will help users find the most meaningful insights and patterns in their data without all the time and effort of running custom data cuts searching through pages of reports and crosstabs.

Who is this tool for?

– HR Professionals looking to find data-based insights for their organization or group they represent.
– Senior leaders interested in exploring survey data at a deeper level.
– Managers of large groups or of multiple teams looking to zero in on where to take action.

How does it work?

– Click through a graphical representation of your organization’s hierarchy to find the group you are looking for or search by name or group name.
– Choose your desired group size and/or demographic variables.
– Choose the dimensions and/or items you are interested in.
– Highest and lowest performing groups, in terms of favorability, will then be displayed along with a graphical representation of size and favorability for all the groups meeting the chosen criteria.  Heat maps will quickly point you to differences amongst groups.

*The Sirota IDEA Group
In 2014, we launched a new department within Sirota called the IDEA Group, aimed at developing the next generation of survey related tools and applications.  We use “lean start-in” principles to work closely with our clients to completely re-examine the user experience and invent new solutions.  IDEA is an acronym that stands for Innovate, Design, Experiment, and Align.

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