Partnership Culture Assessment

Every organization has a culture. It’s the heartbeat of your business – the unspoken way that employees interact and get things done. Yet many leaders would have a hard time describing their culture accurately, and not all leaders would agree that their culture is  right  for what they need to achieve going forward

Sirota has spent 40 years assessing and understanding business culture. Our research has uncovered four main cultural patterns in business: Partnership, Paternal, Transactional and Adversarial. Understanding your business’s cultural type is  a crucial step in understanding how well it can support your goals for the future.

Sirota has designed its Partnership Culture Assessment to offer leaders clarity on their business’ cultural strengths and help them understand what may need to change in light of  future needs.

What is offered in the Partnership Culture Assessment?

  • Assess your business’ culture in critical areas: We start by assessing the work styles typical of employees in areas such as communication, rewards and relationships. Employees are asked to rank scenarios in the order they would expect to see them occur, which evolves into a cultural blueprint of your business.
  • Help senior leaders understand how different employees view culture: Once analyzed, employee perceptions of culture  are described in our Partnership Culture reports, designed to map your culture’s strengths along with any key differences across departments and locations that may get in the way of growth.
  • Help businesses to build their desired culture: Guided by a philosophy that your culture should mirror and support your strategy, our Partnership Culture building program integrates your data with your business’ goals. Our consultants work with you on a customized, data-driven change strategy that will guide staff towards common goals and strategically important outcomes.

The ability to mold and manage your culture is the most powerful leadership tool you possess. As a leader, you can’t manage every action and scenario in your business. You need to trust that your business’ culture will move employee actions in the right direction. Sirota’s Partnership Culture Assessment is designed to give you this advantage – providing a map of today’s culture against tomorrow’s requirements for growth. We invite you to learn more about the heartbeat of your business and put our extensive experience in this area to work.