Pinpoint™ Exit Survey Program

Turnover is a part of every employee lifecycle, yet with replacement and recruitment costs high, no organization wants to let its investment in performing employees depart unnecessarily. Sirota’s perspective is that unplanned turnover can be reduced with the right information and that employee engagement can continue beyond the formal employment contract.

A properly constructed employee exit survey at this phase can deliver as many benefits as programs for new and existing employees.  It’s all a matter of using the right employee survey questions to produce actionable data.

Sirota’s Pinpoint™ Exit Survey Program draws on the latest thinking on Employee Lifecycle Research and workforce technology to explain, reduce and derive maximum value from unexpected departures – ultimately encouraging positive referrals and future brand strength. Exiting employees are an often overlooked source of value for your organization. Pinpoint™ Exit Survey Program is designed to capture and maximize the benefits they can deliver far beyond their point of departure.

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What is offered in the Pinpoint™ Exit Survey Program?
The Pinpoint™ Exit Survey Program offers employee exit survey solutions that equip your organization to understand, reduce and maximize the value of unplanned turnover through advanced automation, assessments, analyses and action:

  • Interacts with an existing HRIS database, allowing HR to automatically generate web invitations or third party phone interviews upon employee departure.
  • Sirota-hosted exit surveys (web or interview-based) that improve employee candor while asking the right exit interview survey questions.
  • Assessment tools that are aligned with employee engagement survey content to improve future identification of at-risk employees.
  • Web-based reports that illustrate trends in turnover decisions.
  • Data warehousing that enables historic perspectives.
  • Consultant-led analytics that improve prediction rates and enable constructive action prior to turnover decisions.
  • Action-planning and manager training that accelerates the application of new knowledge.
  • Post-exit actions that encourage dialogue and brand ambassadorship among former employees.

Long-term Employee Lifecycle Research.

The insights from our Pinpoint™ Exit Survey Program can also be integrated into a larger data set, as part of Sirota’s Employment Lifecycle Research which links data from across different surveys to help you understand those factors that may predict potential unwanted turnover before it becomes an issue.