Post-Survey Action Training

Without meaningful change, the survey process is incomplete. Managers who can transform their data into positive outcomes are essential to your survey’s success. Despite the criticality of their role, receiving survey feedback can often be a challenge for many managers.

Feedback on topics the manager feels responsible for can make it hard to remain objective, resulting in ineffective strategies that range from taking the data too personally, taking too little action, or rushing into action without consulting direct reports.

To address this challenge, Sirota has designed several learning opportunities and training interventions.

  • Training and tools for Managers,
  • Guidance and Education for Human Resources Staff, and
  • Facilitation Workshops and Coaching for intact teams.

Training for Managers

Sirota’s Post-Survey Action Training is designed to equip managers with the most effective strategies and learning for turning data into action and reducing costly mistakes. Designed to ease anxiety and empower managers, Sirota’s Post-Survey Action Training is an essential follow on to the survey and manager reporting process.

What is offered in the Action Training Process?

Whether delivered in person or via the web, Sirota has found that one of the best ways to help managers avoid post-survey mistakes is to break action training into discrete steps.

  • Understanding the Feedback Reports and Interpreting the Numbers: We start with the basics, making sure managers understand their feedback reports and how to read graphs and charts. We then provide various rules of thumb for evaluating quantitative results.
  • Processing Initial Reactions and Considering the Context: After digesting results, we then help managers process their emotional and intellectual reactions to the data, as well as consider contextual factors that could be affecting employee attitudes.
  • Understanding Employee Engagement and Identifying Action Opportunities: After providing a deep understanding of what engagement is, why it is important, and what factors increase or decrease engagement levels, managers are taught that engagement assessments are only useful if they lead to action. With this in mind, we ask leaders and managers to identify their biggest business priorities for the upcoming year.
  • Preparing to Share the Story and Conducting the Feedback Meeting: When managers can convey the story of their data in a brief elevator speech, we know they are ready to share their results. We then prepare them to conduct a feedback meeting with their employees, emphasizing that this meeting is different than most other meetings they usually conduct and to plan accordingly.
  • Evaluating Action Opportunities and Designing Action Plans: Finally, we train managers to evaluate their action-taking opportunities from different perspectives, We then provide them with a roadmap for executing their action plans and a process for keeping momentum going.

Results that Amplify Your Investment

By experiencing Sirota’s post-survey management action training, managers will be equipped to translate employee feedback into meaningful and lasting change for your organization. We encourage you to contact us for a demonstration of how this training can amplify your survey investment.

Training for Human Resources

Sirota provides a wide range of training services to equip HR to support enterprise-level survey rollout strategies, communications cascades, action planning and data integration. Our goal is to enable your HR support staff with the knowledge and tools to guide and be coaches for your line leaders, helping managers to successfully interpret survey reports, work with their teams to share results and develop action plans, and make positive changes to improve organizational performance.

Sirota’s Action Facilitation Workshops and Coaching

Sirota helps organizations transform management practices to improve organizational performance. Our team of expert Consultants provides specialized guidance to help drive meaningful change.
We team with you to design and conduct workshops, performance coaching, and other action-oriented interventions to help promote and drive positive organizational change.

Sirota’s Action Facilitation Workshops

Our Action Facilitation sessions guide leaders, managers, and employees through a process of dialogue, discovery, and decision-making. Sessions are conducted in person and can be designed in half-day or full day formats. Through the Action Facilitation process, we help our clients:

  • Learn about their organizational strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify positive and negative behavior patterns, habits, and dynamics
  • Prioritize their most important action-taking opportunities
  • Develop detailed action plans based on best practices
  • Identify action-taking roles, responsibilities, and support needed
  • Create collective commitment for improvement
  • Establish accountability practices that will drive the change

Sirota’s Action Coaching

Our coaching program is designed to help your leaders and managers turn their survey data into powerful action plans that improve employee engagement and organizational performance.

Sirota’s coaches guide leaders and managers through the entire action taking process. Our expert coaches and facilitators bring experience to bear from a variety of industries and companies across the globe.

In addition we help you identify data integration strategies that embed survey results and action plans into the your organization’s management practices, systems and processes to ensure an ongoing focus on taking action from results.

Our processes and experience enable us to guide some of the world’s leading organizations to truly achieve positive change.