Predictive Analytics

Your company is amassing vast stores of data. How can it be put to work for you?

Sirota’s predictive analytics do just this by uncovering the cultural factors that drive performance in your organization – and predicting how powerful they can be when their impact on business is quantified.

By uncovering patterns and forecasting trends in a changeable employment world, these powerful data analyses are becoming increasingly crucial for HR’s function at the leadership table.

How can Predictive Analytics work for me?

Wouldn’t it be great if someone told you the exact steps to take to build a vibrant business? Patterns that are uncovered in your employee assessment data can indicate what will – and won’t – contribute to your business’ growth. These predictions allow you to reduce costly guesswork by understanding, and leveraging, what’s most important.

  • Key Driver Analysis:. Based on the data collected in your survey, Sirota’s key driver analyses uncover which cultural factors are most important to your employees’ sense of engagement. This information can be discerned at the unit or company level, and can be used to ensure that managers focus on the right things in their post-survey action strategies.
  • Linkage Analysis:  Sirota’s linkage analytics uncover the impact that employee engagement and other employee attitudes can have on business outcomes such as sales figures, turnover and safety performance over time. By assigning metrics to the impact of improved employee attitudes, the value of your assessment investment can be quantified for senior leadership decisions.

Taking Assessment to the Next Level

The era of “Big Data” is transforming how leaders make  decisions and set strategy. Sirota’s key driver and linkage analytics can position you to make the most of these new opportunities within your assessment program. We encourage you to get in touch and discuss how Sirota can make predictive analytics work for you.