Pulse Survey System

As organizations prepare for the future of work, Pulse Surveys can provide critical input to decision making, but to be effective they must be purposeful and aligned with your business strategy.

Annual employee engagement surveys are useful for gathering actionable insights from employees, but in today’s in increasingly dynamic work environment, leaders require more frequent feedback as they build their workforce for the future.

Mercer | Sirota’s platform architecture is rooted in organizational science and over 45 years of survey research experience.

Mercer | Sirota’s pulse survey software employs:

  • Unlimited ad-hoc employee survey administrations
  • Intuitive, click-through ‘Wizard’ which provides guidance throughout the employee survey build
  • Population selection and demographic configuration
  • Configurable communications, invitations, and reminders
  • Live survey results and participation tracking
  • Multi-language capabilities
  • Access to benchmarks from our robust normative database
  • Automated reporting based on survey content and permissions assignment
  • Filter and sort features allow data exploration according to survey dimension, question, and/or demographic
  • A strategic workshop led by a Mercer|Sirota expert to ensure that your continuous listening program is designed to drive impactful improvement and change.

To be effective, a pulse survey approach must be purposeful & aligned with your business strategy.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you prepare for the future of work leveraging pulse surveys in your decision making.