Sirota’s Online Reporting Tool (SORT™)

SORT (Sirota Online Reporting Tool) is your data analytics power tool for ad-hoc report generation.  SORT’s report generation functionality allows you to perform custom analyses of survey results based on combinations of the organizational hierarchy and/or demographic variables.

As a permissions-based technology, SORT™ enables reporting administrators to control access to datasets by users.

For example, survey practitioners (“super users”) may have access to all data, while line HR administrators, might be restricted to their organization’s data.
SORT™ is highly flexible and allows users to display:

  • Data cuts based on certain demographics for a particular organizational unit,
  • Comparisons of specific organizational units side by side
  • Data for a unit or group which underwent changes after the survey administration hierarchy was established and data was collected (including demographic breaks if desired)
  • Combine groups (e.g. groups suppressed in standard reports because they did not meet minimum N participation requirement)
  • Output reports in multiple formats:  Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and HTML

The reports produced through SORT™ can mirror Sirota’s standard report template, and can also be modified to display multiple organizational or demographic comparison lines (a feature not offered by many other suppliers).  In addition, users can assign trend from past survey administrations to the data lines they create. These reports also display the response counts for each line of data.

SORT™ also allows clients to easily and quickly create dynamic comment files through filtration by comment codes, positional and personal demographics, and key words. In addition, users can select a percentage of comments that meet the specific criteria (i.e., 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 90%, 100% of total comments that meet criteria) if they prefer not to see “all” comments.

Contact us for a quick demo – you’ll be amazed by its power and ease of use.