Sirota’s Project Lifecycle & Partnership Approach

Our goal has always been to put actionable data in the hands of those who are best positioned to make a difference. Our process includes survey research industry best practices, and a number of proprietary online tools and technologies that automate and streamline the survey program – saving time for administrators and facilitating the administration process for employees and managers.

Broadly, our solution follows an adaptive process comprised of six phases:

Our Partnership Approach
This adaptive six-phase process is enacted through our client project teams — intact, interdisciplinary gropus of professionals who specialize in survey research. Client feedback highlights that the integrated team approach leads to proactive decision making, fastest response time, and most innovative solutions.

Our project teams remain stable, providing consistent personnel who manage your project each administration. By unifying each of the functional disciplines – consultant psychologist, project manager and IT developer – into a single support team, we are able to streamline project tasks and communication, eliminate internal competition for resources, and integrate more completely with your team to ease the administrative burden of the survey.

Our team structure is a core strength and capability of Sirota – it places the client in the center of communications, and enables us to take a flexible and highly customized approach with each engagement.