Sirota’s Reporting Suite

Sirota’s pre-formatted reporting solution provides a new generation of integrated survey reporting and action tools for managers.  These manager reports offer simple, action-oriented displays which quickly answer managers’ questions about how they are doing, and which areas of the survey they should focus.

Plus our pre-formatted reports can be provided in multiple formats:  PDF, PowerPoint and HTML.

Our reporting platform allows managers to navigate the data in various ways, and provides the ability to dynamically sort data displays by any comparison column.

While the data displays can be configured to show results in many formats, a typical manager report will include the following information for each data line:

  • Number of respondents (N)
  • % Favorable, % Neutral, and % Unfavorable plus each individual scale point
  • Historical trending (change over time scores)
  • Comparisons to internal and external (normative) benchmarks

It also comes equipped with helpful interpretation guides and instruction to help each report recipient take full ownership for understanding, interpreting and sharing their results.

Customized to Meet Your Reporting Needs
The type of data you might include on your reports depends on how your managers are expected to interpret their results and take action.  If peer pressure is a driving factor, we can supply more data that shows how a manager’s scores vary compared to company and/or peer group averages.  If the hierarchy drives behavior, then we can show a manager’s own results with “upward comparisons” clearly showing where the manager stands relative to their department or business units results.  For middle and upper management, we typically show aggregate results as well as a view of their “direct report only” results where possible, and any number of other lower management levels as requested by our client. For the company as a whole, very large organizations/functions or at any level in between we can provide Sirota normative benchmarks (means, upper 90th percentile, etc.)