Spotlight™ Pulse Assessment

You know that your business is moving fast. Ideas and initiatives evolve over the year – they don’t wait for an annual survey. If leaders aren’t tracking employee engagement, attitudes and trends in real-time, they are missing opportunities to drive growth and align employees with strategic initiatives as they happen.

Once-a-year employee surveys are effective for annual redirection, but modern leaders in changeable environments require more frequent feedback.

Sirota has designed its Spotlight Pulse assessment to meet this need, offering brief, scientifically valid indices to measure important aspects of work life and business performance on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in order to ultimately improve employee engagement.

How can Spotlight Pulse assessments elevate your employee survey research program?

  • Administer real-time, brief pulse surveys: Sirota’s Spotlight Pulse assessments can connect with employees on their computers or smart phones, providing a brief and user-friendly employee assessment experience designed to capture maximum data in minimal time.
  • Make efficient use of random sampling: Sirota’s ability to manage a rolling, random sample of employees allows you to gain from real-time feedback without over-surveying the same participants.
  • Stay confident with scientifically sound indices: Spotlight’s indices are designed to capture data quickly without sacrificing scientific credibility, delivering valid data that can reliably support important decision making.
  • Manage trends with real time, online reports: Simple, powerful and effective reports eliminate lag time between administration and insight. Results are analyzed and posted as often as employee engagement surveys are submitted, keeping pace with every development you are.
  • Track your evolution over the year: More frequent measurement supports more sophisticated analyses, allowing leaders to better understand how business factors can impact one another over time.

Data that is More than a Snapshot
Real-time Spotlight Pulse assessments extend the snapshot offered by the annual employee engagement survey questionnaire into an evolving portrait of your organization’s change and growth. Manager needs for survey research data over the year can now be met with daily, weekly and monthly pulse surveys that will inform and support their critical decisions, keeping actions fresh and strategically relevant.

Sirota’s industry-leading Pulse technology moves as fast as your business – we invite you to put it to the test by scheduling a Spotlight demo today.