The Dynamic Alignment Model

To succeed in the 21st century, companies must do two things: continually adapt to an ever-changing business environment, and effectively align leaders, managers, and employees around a clear and compelling strategy. Dynamic Alignment Model with Copyright

When people are working toward a common purpose, in an enthusiastic workforce built on a foundation of shared values and partnership principles, and with systems and processes that are flexible and adaptive, organizations can reach their full potential and achieve unprecedented levels of performance.

At Sirota, we call this “Dynamic Alignment.”

To drive “Dynamic Alignment” companies must:

  • Architect a strategic plan that establishes clear goals, structures, and accountabilities that drive performance
  • Enable employees to execute on strategy through flexible and participative systems, process, tools, and resources
  • Unlock workforce potential and sustain employee enthusiasm by ensuring leaders and managers meet the achievement, camaraderie, and equity needs of their people
  • Elevate leadership and management practices by ensuring leaders and managers live the values and model the behaviors that promote a partnership driven culture

Sirota offers a broad portfolio of survey solutions that help optimize Dynamic Alignment within your organization to promote partnership and drive a sustainable, high performance culture.

Our consulting and assessment programs enable your organization to diagnose misalignments, help your leaders and managers understand where to take action, and provide tools and resources necessary to determine what actions to take.