The Engagement Institute™

We are a proud co-sponsor of the The Engagement InstituteTM which has been designed to steward the evolving process of learning and discovery around the critical business issue of employee engagement.  This research community of practice consists of cross-industry leaders who will partner with experts and work collaboratively to shape how organizations understand and drive engagement through a series of research activities and peer learning opportunities. Together, we will uncover new insights and develop new practices which drive continuous engagement improvement and quantifiable business impact.

We offer two options for being a part of this research community:

  • Join The Engagement InstituteTM as a Research Fellow.  As a Research Fellow, you can guide the annual priorities, participate in our ongoing series of webinars, shape the research agenda,  access our full suite of proprietary research and insights, visit top organizations to learn about their engagement practices, attend “best practice” learning events and workshops, attend our annual summit, and participate to the degree you choose in a Research Working Group (led by experts, this group brings executives together to conduct research to solve a specific business issue, identify best practices, document findings and gain insights around employee engagement).  Research Fellows are the thought leaders who will drive the conversations and change the way we think about employee engagement.  The only request to join is a sustaining subsidy of $12,500 per year from each Research Fellow organization members which includes full participation of two of their executives.
  • Join The Engagement InstituteTM as an Advisor.  Advisors have the opportunity to stay involved with The Engagement InstituteTM but with no up-front fees.  Throughout the year, you will have the opportunity to provide input and feedback to help shape and address the topics and challenges organizations face by participating in quarterly surveys and attending webinars.

Please click here to submit an on-line application.

We are confident that your participation as a Research Fellow or Advisor in The Engagement InstituteTM will assist your organization in addressing its most pressing employee engagement needs and challenges.  We look forward to seeing your organization among the list of members and welcoming you to The Engagement InstituteTM!

Should you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact Rebecca Ray at 212-339-0481 or by email at

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