Web Reporting Capabilities

Manager reports are the first place leaders  learn about their employee feedback. Once digested, managers often have additional questions about data that they bring to HR, such as a request for trends across units or time periods.

To encourage this appetite for deeper understanding, Sirota’s latest evolution in post survey reporting and action planning is our innovative and completely integrated web based reporting suite. In addition to presenting the data according to pre determined reports, administrators and managers can use the site to explore survey results by drilling through data in real time, onscreen.

How do Web Reports Elevate Standard Capabilities?
Sirota’s web reporting allows insights that extend the reach of standard reports:

  • Generate insights that engage manager curiosity:  Managers can navigate their data in numerous ways, with the ability to dynamically sort data displays by any comparison column.
  • Understand leader–to-leader trends: Administrators and managers can generate upwards and downwards data views that look across reporting hierarchies.
  • Visualize data to best suit your business needs: Newly created ad-hoc, and pre defined reports can be immediately exported into customized PowerPoint, PDF, or Excel formats.
  • Align results with manager action: The web reporting site can be integrated with other functionality, such as our ActionTracker Tool and Best Practices Library.  Managers and HR representatives can select actionable items and integrate support from Sirota’s Action Bank or Best Practices Library into the report itself.

Empowering Managers and Encouraging Ownership
Web Reporting is a powerful way to get more from your survey process.  It makes it possible for managers to interact with their data and take charge of the change process as theories are tested and insights are delivered. Sirota’s Web Reporting is designed to empower leaders and managers to view their data in different ways, encouraging innovative solutions and meaningful change.